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Make Money Online


Today's internet is saturated with gurus, how to guides, and get rich quick schemes. For as many people out there who wish to learn how to make money online, there is someone ready and willing to sell them a method, a membership, a secret...

After reviewing these products for the past five years, I've noticed that too often I've had to say, "Don't buy this product - you can get the information online for free." The problem, however, is that this information is scattered all over the web in bits and pieces.

Our hope for this guide is to bring all this information together as a free resource to help you learn how to really make money online using time-tested internet marketing techniques.


What You Need to Know Before You Begin

The first thing to realize is that in several important ways making money online is very similar to making money offline. It still holds true you that cannot make money without effort, and there are no shortcuts to success. Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.


What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing, in the broad sense, simply means the marketing of products or services over the internet. It can include selling your own products, marketing other companies' products, or providing useful information in exchange for serving relevant advertisements.

Internet marketing can be broken down into four steps. #1 Put a website online. #2 Get visitors to your website. #3 Turn a profit from the traffic you get. #4 Do it all over again. Do not worry if these seem overwhelming right now because every step will be explained in detail as you read on.


Why You Must Have a Website

The corner stone of internet marketing is your web property; with this you can utilize internet commerce for your benefit. There's simply no way around this step and if you really want to make money online you must accept that having a website will be part of that. The good news is that these days you don't have to be an expert programmer to create a website that will make you money.

You just have to learn a few basic concepts that will get your site up and running and ready for monetization. In fact, you'll learn that the web design process is the least important step in creating your online business.


Focus on Getting Traffic

The most successful internet marketers make money through their understanding of traffic generation techniques and niche selection abilities, not based on how pretty their sites look. In fact, you can have the ugliest site in the world and still make a ton of money, just because you know how to drive a lot of visitors to it.

This is what a lot of beginners fail to understand; they'll spend months trying to decide which theme to choose for their site before they learn the first thing about making money online. Furthermore, you can make the same mistake by trying to monetize a website before it has the visitors.



Your primary goal should be to build a website that has informative posts, a unique perspective, and most of all that solves a need that your visitor has. You want someone to recommend your website to a friend or family member based on how useful they've found it. This is the real foundation of an online business, not fancy graphics and slick logos.


The long term goals that you set for yourself should be:


So what exactly is niche marketing? Follow the link below to learn more.


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